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Austria Club of Washington

is a non-profit organization, incorporated under the laws of the State of Washington, USA.

The Austria Club of Washington was founded in 1976 thanks to the dedicated efforts of ten, Austria born immigrants. They were: Inge Waltz, Alma Kramer, Maria Highton, Bill and Trude Leimer, Fritz and Grete Duchon, Otto and Heide Waniczek, Alex and Trude Schwarz. The first meeting was held at the Camlin Hotel in Seattle, on February 26, 1976. Inge Waltz became the club’s first president.

The club functions under the direction of an elected board, consisting of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and several trustees. In addition, the club forms various committees to plan and organize various social events, manage special projects, recruit new members, publish a newsletter, handle telephone calls, maintain contact with other ethnic groups and fulfill “sunshine lady” responsibilities.

The club has about 130+ active members of many nationalities. Many of them come to the club’s events because they enjoy dancing to the catchy tunes of talented Volksmusik bands such as Happy Hans and watch the cheerful performances by dancing groups like the Enzian Schuhplattler. Others come because they simply enjoy the company of other club members, they share experiences from travels to Europe, they exchange recipes of their favorite dishes and explore the taste of imported beers, American and European wines as well foods they rarely get at home.

The club is always looking for active members who wish to be part of a committee. Volunteering to serve on a committee is the quickest way to get to know people and meet new friends, to make a difference and to enjoy the camaraderie of a group of people with similar interests.

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